Love is in the air! Although you might think Valentine’s Day is just for swapping candies or sending cards, more and more businesses, online and offline, are taking advantage of February’s romantic vibes to show some customer appreciation. Customers are the backbone of your business, and without their support, you would lose revenue. That’s why you need to create a culture that shows appreciation for your audience and customers—and no time is more opportune that Valentine’s Day. This year, let’s celebrate the customer by showing them some love:

1. Send Handwritten Notes

Even though B2B and B2C businesses are exponentially increasing in number and digital transactions are more popular than ever before, we mustn’t forget the value of a handwritten thank you note. Handwritten notes are an excellent way to pluck at the heartstrings of your consumers because of the time and effort it takes to craft a note that’s even just a few lines long. That’s why taking the time out this Valentine’s Day to thank every one of your long-time supporters is one of the best ways to cement a relationship, build rapport, and show that you value them. Make the notes as tailored to the customer as you can, especially if they have been with you since the beginning. Mention milestones, birthdays, or ask how the family is doing.

2. Personal Promotions

When it comes to gaining loyalty in the ecommerce realm, you need to make promotions personal. Nothing is more personal that a tailored promo on Valentine’s Day that shows a little love. You can create promotional discounts that take a percentage off the total amount in their shopping cart that correlates with the number of years they have celebrated Valentine’s Day with you. First time buyers can get a 14% off their total purchase on the 14th, while loyal customers can get 28% off. You can double loyalty program points throughout the month of February. BOGO is another fantastic option, especially if you know which customers are married or in a relationship. If you’re creative enough, you can even create something like a “box of chocolates” scratch card that gives some kind of discount or prize for a set of 3.

3. Make The Office A Special Place

As much as customers love getting special treatment themselves, many also like knowing that you are taking care of your employees too. Show off on social media or in a video how you are showing love and gratitude around the office throughout the month of February. If you have a store, you can decorate the interior then post it online or snap pictures of the flowers or snacks you bring for your employees. If you’re business is based solely online, you can gather everyone up on your team and record a video of Valentine swapping or an event video of a catered Valentine’s Day dinner. The options here are endless, and you can tie in a plethora of appreciative statements.

4. Small Gifts With Big Messages

Depending on your business, you might be able to set up some small gifts or samples that can be sent directly to the customer with a message attached, like “Here’s some chocolate for a valued customer” or “We thought you would appreciate this as much as we appreciate you.” The gifts don’t have to be large, nor does it have to be exceptional. A little box of chocolate with your brand logo, stickers, branded merchandise, or even a discount book of coupons with no expiration date are all gifts that people will love to receive, especially when it’s a surprise.

5. Be St. Valentine

A unique way to get people excited and to show that you not love your customers but support the community is to create a charitable event throughout the month of February. One way to do this is to donate a portion of proceeds to a charity or non-profit organisation within the community. You can also hold a heart-a-thon, where you donate an amount of money equivalent to the number of likes or shares a Valentine’s image you create and post on social media receives. You can also hold raffles, create ways for others to donate directly, and promote your charitable act online to gain even more followers. It’s a win-win for everyone and shows your heart is in the right place.

6. Give Them A Spotlight

People usually like receiving recognition. Make February a month where you highlight your all-star customers by sharing their stories and successes online through social media. You can also create a special “thank you” page on Facebook or another outlet that allows you to post user generated content as a reward for customers sharing and reviewing your services and products. The best part of sharing user generated content is that it works for both ends. You get public proof that your business is doing well, and customers get their time in the spotlight.

Also, this helps bring in all customers, not just those who have a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can share the fame with anyone in your base.

7. Show That You’re Listening

Relationships are built on communication. Regardless of your platform (B2B, B2C, or something else), listening to the suggestions, feedback, and reviews from your customers is one of the best ways to show that you care. However, while many companies will sit on the negative feedback without responding, you can be different. You can show you are really involved by taking the suggestions and the reviews and making a positive change. Decide what you are going to improve then make an announcement, saying you will unveil this grand innovation on February 14th. Your audience will be undoubtedly excited to know you have listened and acted upon their opinions.

Are you ready to make Valentine’s Day one of the most special times of the year for you and your customers? Get people talking about your brand by spreading the love with special promotions, charitable events, videos, thank you emails, and much more. Any of the ideas listed above are going to not only wow your audience, but it will show that you are doing much more than trying to sell a product. Valentine’s Day is a time to make a impression, so put your heart forward.