Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, it’s important for businesses to make their online presence known and reach the ever-increasing online consumer traffic. There are many Christmas digital marketing channels and campaign strategies that can be used to reach potential customers, the most favoured being social media, email, and websites because these mediums give companies the ability to reach their clients directly.

Using Social Media

Social media is here to stay because,  not only is it one of the most profitable digital marketing platform that increases a business’s online visibility, but it also offers a cost-effective advertising strategy. Never has there been an easier way to significantly increase a business’s conversion rate as it directly engages and interact with millions of potential customers than on social media. Consistent communication and connecting with customers on the most popular social media platforms has become the most effective way for a business to convey its brand message, upsurge customer retention, develop a loyal customer base, and consequently, build its brand loyalty.

Using Your Website

Not just any website, but a well-built site because it is the first point of contact and the first impression a business gives to its potential customers. Usability is critical for the success of any website, and it should provide a seamless user experience for visitors because on average users just skim through the content on a web page, and if a site isn’t user-friendly, they quickly move on. Additionally, more and more people today are using their mobile phones to access the Internet, which is why it has become a necessity to create a mobile-optimized website. A well-designed website should also be:

  • It should have a well-planned information architecture
  • It should include well-formatted content
  • Have fast load times
  • An effective navigation
  • Browser compatibility with browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera and much more

Using Seasonal PPC Keywords

Any business needs to follow a new set of rules to get the most out of all peak seasons when it’s trying to optimize its Google AdWords campaigns throughout the year in order to leverage some powerful seasonal PPC tactics. For example, a business can reactivate its previous high season keywords that made massive conversions to its advantage. Because Google will use keyword relevance in determining ad placement, therefore, they should be relevant to a company’s ad group. Additionally, adding countdowns to an advert such as “countdown to sale end” or writing a specific ad that mentions the season such as “Christmas Special Offer” is one of the most effective ways of increasing conversions.

Video Marketing

Human beings are visual creatures. Video content is preferred over written content, and studies show that more than 80% of potential customers buy a product after watching a video simply because the human brain processes visuals faster as they are more engaging and the user feels more connected and involved with a brand’s communication. Additionally, video marketing makes a huge impact on conversions and sales, boosts buyer behavior, and consequently, generates more leads and sales.

Promotions and Giveaways

No one can turn away a freebie and Christmas is the ideal time for a business to promote its brand recognition and familiarity. The key is to give out items of daily use that have a logo and brand message of the company printed on them in order to keep consumers engaged with a brand. Promotional giveaways that can take any brand to the next level can be anything from branded pens, to mugs, keychains, or notebooks.

eCommerce Sale

With an increasing demand for online purchasing, more businesses have realized the importance of having an e-store, therefore, having or utilizing creative e-commerce promotional ideas is the most effective way of driving traffic to a website, growing a loyal customer base, expand sales globally, and turning clicks into sales. Online shopping is expected to grow at a great pace, and in order for a business to stay competitive, especially over the Christmas season they should take advantage of the following promotional ideas:

  • Offer an unbeatable percent off a product or brand
  • Offer free shipping on specific categories or items
  • Use the Buy-One-Get-One free concept to improve sales
  • Have a rewards program
  • Include quantity discounts