As an eCommerce business you should already be preparing your Christmas digital marketing strategies. Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

Statistics show that since 2016, online retail sales have been rising by close to ten percent every year in the runs up to Christmas season. The amount spent in the month clearly shows that customer is warming up to online shopping during the Christmas season with suggestions that they are doing it earlier. This shows that as a business if you would like to rake in dollars that are spent for Christmas purposes, you have to start early, do not wait until such a time that the calendar hits December. It will pay off if you start your digital marketing strategies early enough. Let the customer know that your business exists and you have what they are looking for during this Christmas season. Another trend shows that mobile shopping is on the rise too, with close to sixty percent of the season’s sales being done through mobile devices. To benefit from the new trend, it is not just enough to adopt online sales, it will require you use effective strategies, make your business better than other eCommerce stores, especially those selling similar products. So how do you leverage digital technology and beat your competitors in attracting Christmas shoppers?

If you are familiar with digital marketing, you may have heard that it largely revolves around search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and pay per click (PPC). With search engine optimization strategy, a business aims at moving its ranking in the search engines higher, through using keywords and phrases that are relevant to the search. Pay per click strategy focuses on getting the businesses into sponsored results while social media strategies connect with the customers encouraging them to share the word about the business and its products. Having known all these digital marketing strategies, some people ask which is the most effective. The answer to this question is “all.” To attract customers during this Christmas season, you need to focus your efforts in these and many other digital marketing strategies, this is the only way that you will promote your website, increase traffic and conversion rate.

Here are a few tips that will help you leverage on Christmas digital marketing strategies to boost your business this holiday season:


You need to analyze and learn how your business has been performing and out of this identify areas that require improvement. Using analytical tools get answers to questions that will show you where you are and where you need to go.

Prepare yourself for holiday sales

Your website is the shop window, use Christmas digital marketing ideas to attract holiday shoppers and also make them buy. Use holiday-themed SEO content and pages which are season targeted, social media, email marketing, PPC and other digital marketing strategies to take advantage of the Christmas holiday. Although research shows that organic search results are more likely to attract the attention of web traffic when compared with the sponsored results, it is important to combine the two. Pay per clicks may have a lower click rate but they are known to have a high conversion rate, so to get both worlds, these digital strategies need to complement one another. You may assume that you have achieved a high ranking and conversion rate and then decide to ignore social media engagement; this would be suicidal as platform highly engages the users encouraging them to keep talking about your business making it an effective tool to inform and get Christmas offers reaching a large audience.

Mobile optimization

With a shift towards internet-enabled mobile devices, there is a need to ensure that your website is mobile-optimized, with this you will effectively meet the expectation of holiday shoppers, offering them an experience that they like. With a mobile-optimized site, your target audience can engage with your business even when they are on the move, they will not be restricted to a given location such as home or office. This will make it easy for them to access your products and also engage you promptly.

Tell your target audience about your online shop

Having put in place Christmas digital strategies, it is now time to communicate about it, use effective channels that will allow you to target Christmas holiday promotions accordingly and further drive traffic into your site. Email marketing, social media networks Christmas promotions, seasonal PPC are some of the digital marketing tools that will direct early holiday shoppers into your website.

With these Christmas marketing ideas, this holiday season ought to be different, you are likely to get more traffic and see higher conversion rates.