Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques are processes used to improve the online visibility in search engine’s of your brand’s website. The more visible your website is, the more visitors your page will receive. These visitors then have the potential to be turned into customers of your business. 

For a brand to succeed in the online world, it must effectively use SEO to bring the target audience to their website. There are many competitors in any given market. To succeed, you must be able to use SEO strategies and techniques well.  This article will provide examples of each category of SEO; White, Grey and Black Hat SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization

White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO is a strategy that makes use of organic ranking. It usually uses techniques such as keyword analysis, ethical backlinking, keyword research, valuable content creation, as well as link building. This is one of the safest ways that a website can improve its traffic using SEO strategies.

Research & Analysis

This can be seen as time-consuming, but it can significantly help your website and brand. This allows you to find out what your target audience likes and what their keywords are when they make use of search engines. A lot of SEO companies are known to depend on keywords to have themselves ranked competitively. Opting for the proper keywords can go a long way to make or break your entire campaign.

Audit-initial analysis client

This technique is one where you run a prior audit of the website. This shows sections of the website that require additional optimization. This is a useful way to find out what issues are stopping your website from getting the needed traffic. Once you know where the problems lie, you are able to make the necessary changes to address them.

Competitor Research

While you begin your SEO campaign, it is vital that you research the competition. You should look at why your competitor is so successful in their own campaign, and how they achieved these results. This allows you to structure your own campaign accordingly This will let you know what the issues in your campaign are, and how you can tailor your campaign to be similarly successful. Using this technique, you can quickly make informed changes to your campaign, likely resulting in improved traffic to your website.  

SEO Friendly Website

To effectively implement the previously mentioned White SEO strategies, it is vital that your website itself is SEO friendly. Once this is achieved, it becomes significantly easier to increase both your income and customer base.

To  make your website SEO friendly, it is essential that the content be made indexable. This allows search engines to link to your website. Using keywords helps with this, though it is important that you correctly map them.

Not only should your website be attractive humans, but also to search engines.

Another useful tool when inputting images it to optimize them. Not only do the images break up long pieces or text, optimizing them will allow the website to load quickly.

Grey Hat SEO Techniques

Grey Hat SEO techniques can be contentious, but used in a smart manner can be extremely effective at drawing people to your website or platform. 

Social Media Automation and Buying Followers

Search Engine Optimisation

This includes purchasing likes and followers on social media; helping to improve your brand and reputation. When a company is in its infancy, not having an established following may appear untrustworthy. Often, businesses or brands will purchase audiences to make them appear large than they actually are. Whilst this may seem to be a quick and easy way to engage with your social media audience, the nature of purchased followers means they are very unlikely to interact with your page on a real level. This can dilute your ability to do effective paid advertising, and will skew your organic results. As an alternative in building up your follower base, we recommend paid advertising as a more effective, credible approach to social media automation. Ensure your content is of a high quality, purchase advertising, and you will attract the right followers with a genuine interest in your content. These followers will interact with your page on a genuine level. 

Procuring Of Old Domains

Buying those old, credible domains for SEO purposes is a great way to help improve the traffic to your website. Before you buy the old domain, ensure that the keywords in the domain are relevant to your brand. Once purchased, upload content to your website that is of high quality.You can then opt for AdWords to boost the content.

 Paid Reviews

Many brands use paid reviews. This involves hiring writers to write positive, well written reviews for them. If you have a product or service that you would like to promote on your website, this can be a very effective means of promoting it. 

Black Hat SEO Techniques

The world of business is highly competitive, and a lot of websites use unethical ways to direct and increase traffic to their website. These are called Black Hat SEOs.  Black Hat SEOs tend to fall outside the rules put in place by some search engines, despite there being severe consequences. We advise that you avoid the following techniques, as they fall under the category of Black Hat SEOs.


Cloaking is a SEO strategy where the content that is displayed on a website page is misleading, and significantly different to that of the search engine bot. It typically includes the following practices:

  • Showing HTML text on a page solely to search engine bots, but displaying a page of pictures to human users.
  • Placing text or keywords in a page that matches that of the search engine text, despite that text not existing on the page. This strategy deceives search engines and directs traffic to a site that is not useful to the consumer. This strategy is aimed at deceiving search engines in ranking a website highly, and when caught can lead to punishment. 

Duplicate Content

Trying to plagiarize a content is another strategy. Taking content from a successful website, i.e. a top listing on a search engine, and appropriating it for your own use is easily discovered and has serious ramifications. Always ensure your content is original.

 Keyword Density

 Note, there is a considerable difference between keyword stuffing and keyword usage. Make use of keywords to make your website visible, but avoid overuse of needless, irrelevant keywords.