Are you a real estate agent who is looking to generate extra leads? There are many real estate agents that do not know the opportunity of using Facebook to capture leads for real estate. This is quite extraordinary given the expansive use of social media on a personal level. So, the question –

Can I really use Facebook to grow my real estate business?

Well, yes. Otherwise why would we write this article?! You might be someone who believes that having engagement on your Facebook business page is the only possible way to get more real estate leads and higher conversion rate. If you’re someone thinking that engagement is the only source to get leads, you are in for a surprise.

Let me tell you why…

You will soon realise that getting likes and users on your Facebook page can be relatively easy to achieve. The challenge is to convert those followers and users from simply commenting or posting on your Facebook content and converting them into potential clients.

In this guide, we have tried to include everything you need to know to best leverage Facebook, including;

  • Why spending time and money marketing on Facebook is worth the effort
  • How can you start capturing leads
  • What type of content should you post for engaging your followers

Why You Should Be Using Facebook to Capture Real Estate Leads

You might ask, why should I use to Facebook to capture leads when I have my own real estate website up and running? Having a website is great, but in this saturated industry, you can’t just rely on your website to capture leads. You need to stay ahead of your competitors. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with 15 million monthly active users in Australia alone. Facebook is the social network where your potential clients spend time to engage with friends, family and to just see what is happening around them. In fact, in Australia it is recorded that 79% of people now use social media – this is up 10% from 2017.

The 2018 Sensis social media report provides invaluable insight into social media use by both the Australian public and businesses of all sizes. The popularity of Facebook as a social channel is clearly depicted within the report with 94% of social media users on Facebook and around 9 out of 10 businesses with a social presence also on the platform. Having said that, only 47% of small businesses have a social media presence at all, and just 35% of those are using LinkedIn.

Almost 8 in 10 people use social media in Australia

But only 47% of small and medium businesses are on social media

How To Use Facebook as a Real Estate Lead Generation Tool

Set up your Facebook Business Page for Success

There are a number of elements that go into setting up a successful Facebook Business Page. First off, set a branded custom URL for your page. Ideally, your custom URL on Facebook should match that of your website, but often that often comes down to availability. Having the same URL for your website and your Facebook page can help with search engine optimisation and increasing your exposure on (eg) Google.

Make sure you complete all of the information within your business profile – your “About” page. This includes your impressum, company overview, general information, founding date, awards and more. The more information you provide here, and utilisation of your primary keywords (tying in with those of your website) will further help your search engine optimisation and ability for people to find you both within Facebook and whilst using search engines.

Upload Important Images

Make sure you upload a professional profile picture and cover photo that are representative of your business. Make sure you take care of the image dimensions when selecting your images, keeping in mind both the desktop and mobile dimensions (mobile often results in areas of the image being cropped).

Add a Call To Action (CTA) Button

Since 2014, Facebook allows you to add a custom button to your Facebook profile. This is one of the best ways to use Facebook to capture leads for real estate. Merely adding the “Learn More” button, you can send your visitors to your website and capture their email information through your lead generation forms. If you want to step it up a notch, then direct these visitors straight to a custom landing page unique to Facebook visitors.

Focus on Providing Valuable and Quality Content

Within Facebook there are loads of different types of content that you can use – video, image, live feed, etc. Posting only one type of content will sooner or later hurt your reach, as your audience might get bored of reading the same boring content every day. Hence, bringing diversity to your content is an absolute must.
For example, post some engaging content one day, then on the next day post some photos, on the third day, try promote a local charity, community event or perhaps a free product or service from your business. In this way, you can bring diversity to your posts and keep your audience entertained every time. Be different from the crowd and try to stand out. Remember, whatever you post on Facebook should be entirely focused on your prospects and ultimately getting their contact details. Answer their questions, provide value to them and always be committed to delivering highly value-focused content to those who have signed up for your email list.

Free Content

It’s important to put yourself into your customers’ shoes when preparing your social content. Would you follow a page that is only filled with open houses listings and someone focused solely on selling their services? Or would you follow a page that includes informative content that is relevant to your area and areas of interest?

The more you focus on creating free valuable content, the more you are focusing on building a relationship with your audience, and additionally build trust and credibility with your followers, demonstrate your expertise, and help keep your brand top of mind. Eventually, this will help you generate good, qualified leads for real estate agents.

Well-crafted engaging content is essential, but don’t get too aggressive about posting engaging content every time. Try creating something relevant regarding your products or service, because there is nothing more valuable than a visitor going to your website through one of your blogs.  Your sole focus, should be on providing value to your reader.

Gated Content

It is absolutely critical that you provide a steady supply of free content, but to allow you to capture leads and grow your email list then gated content is the way to do so. Whilst this is still ultimately free content, you are asking your audience to pay the price of passing over their contact details, and in turn you deliver the gated content to their inbox. This can be one of the most effective ways to capture leads. Some good examples of gated content include ebooks, checklists, how to articles, etc. You can potentially also host this content on your website to help boost your search engine rankings.

Using Facebook Ads to Generate Leads for Real Estate

Over the years, Facebook has become the most powerful social media platform to advertise on due to the level of detail with which you can target your potential audience. Real estate agents who are using Facebook Ads are one step ahead because they are already leveraging all the benefits of this platform to reach their audience and drive sales. There are a few critical guidelines to follow when preparing to advertise on Facebook –

  1. Define quantifiable goals
  2. Have a clearly defined target audience
  3. When is your target audience online?
  4. Determine your Budget – How Much Should Real Estate Agents Spend on Facebook?

Learning when your audience is social active can make a massive difference to the performance of your advertising. Experiment with different timings, try different campaigns. When you know the exact timings when your audience is around to see your content, this will help you create more engagement for your posts. Your Facebook Business Page “Insights” section will provide clarity around how your posts are performing, when your audience is active, and also insights into the demographics of your audience.

The opportunity to use Facebook to capture leads for real estate is very high when you combine an effective social media strategy, compelling content and effective ads.

When we socially network

In the evening 71%
First thing in the morning 57%
Lunch time 47%
Breaks 47%
Last thing before going to bed 39%
During work 21%
Commuting 18%

Social networking sites used in 2018 by Australians


We hope that from this article you have some key insights on how you can use Facebook to your advantage and generate leads for your real estate business.

Study your prospect, keep them in mind when creating and publishing your content. Keep testing new methods to figure out what actually works for you and your audience.

Determine what your prospect exactly wants. Find out, what do you exactly need to do to get their email address.

Now it’s your turn!

Don’t forget to provide us with your precious feedback in the comments section.