Advances in marketing technology augur well for small businesses. There are more options to compete. But not knowing how to use them can be costly. In this article, we highlight how you can avoid costly digital marketing mistakes. Use them appropriately for your business.

1. Marketing without goals

While marketing technology can sometimes produce surprisingly great results, you can’t live on hope all the time. It can be very costly, even possibly inflicting long-term damage to your brand. Marketing without goals, on or off-line, is the shortest route to failure. You must set up goals and establish metrics on which you will measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

2. Not defining your target audience

With digital marketing, your business isn’t confined by geographical boundaries in its marketing effort. Hence, by the law of averages, you should be able to ‘hit’ someone. Unfortunately, it can also be your most expensive marketing effort. It might be hundreds, thousands or more before you find your first buyer. Avoid this wild goose chase and the potential impact of costly digital marketing mistakes. Define your target audience, or better known in digital marketing as a buyer persona. Build customer intimacy to ensure your effort resonates well with them.

3. Know thy competitors

Today’s customers are spoilt for choice. A click-and-a-swipe can open up a whole window of alternatives. As a business, your task of selling has not grown much easier with digital marketing, it is actually more competitive. Failure to understand the competitive landscape as well as your competitors is a formula for disaster. Take time to analyze the battlefield and key players.

4. Content is king

You don’t parade your wares in digital marketing. Instead, you demonstrate your authority and leadership in your field. It is this that builds trust and nurtures a relationship with prospects. Over time, it will translate to sales. Having a digital presence isn’t enough. You’ll need to populate your presence with content of value to prospects, from blogs, infographics to videos.

Small business marketing is exciting today thanks to technology, but can expose your business to the risk of costly digital marketing mistakes. Use technology wisely to profit from the possibilities it offers. Speak to us to learn more.