Finding the resources to invest in digital marketing is often a difficult one. Many businesses run on a tight budget – regardless of their size – and the “to do” list is often endless. Quite often, businesses see digital marketing as a seemingly low priority, certainly lower than inventory and office supplies. But let’s put that in perspective – would you need inventory or office supplies if you didn’t have any customers? How will you grow your business if you are so busy working “in” your business you aren’t investing time and effort “on” your business? 

I Made the Mistake Myself 

I’m going to be brutally honest here – because I have personally made the same mistake. Spending countless hours keeping up with client work meant that my own marketing was very much put on the back burner. The bottom line? My business only grew as a result of word of mouth, which made growth very limited. What would my business look like now if I had of dedicated the resources to my own marketing efforts years ago? I am absolutely certain it would be very different! 

The Benefits of Quality Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing

Some businesses feel that there is no need to invest in quality digital marketing or indeed have a digital marketing strategy at all. Due to lack of understanding, fear of the unknown, or even just a “something’s better than nothing” mentality,  neither will they earn benefits from it. The truth will remain that any business that wants to blossom currently must never ignore digital marketing. Invest the right effort, time, and money into creating a digital marketing scheme. This is result driven and will go a long way when you consider your business in the long run. 

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail 

This old adage continues to remain true – a documented strategy almost always results in a great success rate. Based on a report by CoSchedule in 2018, marketers who document strategy are 538% more likely to report success than those who don’t. Documenting processes and defining clear goals area also core drivers of success, according to the report. 

Your Website is a Window into your Business 

Not only is it a window into your business, it is also your salesperson every second of the day, and every day of the year. 

 According to an article in TIME magazine by Chartbeat’s ex-CEO Tony Haile, our familiarity with websites has meant that we have learned to scan read websites in just 15 seconds. Whilst the article is dated 2014, it should scare you even more because the likelihood is that this figure has DECREASED since then. This means that you have less than 15 seconds to show visitors that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced and worthwhile of their attention. Investing in your website should be an absolute no-brainer, and yet is often overlooked or “down-specced” to hit a budget. Everything your business does online should ultimately be designed to drive traffic to your website.  Your website is the heart and soul of your online presence.  

Business Victoria offers an informative article on Eight steps to website success which is a worthwhile read. 

We recently stated in our article ‘Why blog posts are important for any business’ that 82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they are about to make in-store. If during that quick research phase they visit your website to see a site that is not optimized for mobile, poor graphics, lack of information and not user-friendly, they have made a negative conclusion about your brand. This is in less than 15 seconds.

Content Marketing is King – or is it Queen? 

Content marketing is known to be a highly efficient and cost effective form of marketing. Combined with a robust digital marketing strategy, content marketing can do marvels in improving your lead generation and brand awareness. Regardless of the content marketing effort that you carry out, it should be high quality, informative, relevant and something that will engage your audience. In the grand scheme of things, content marketing is incredibly important, but ultimately we believe that your website is the King and content is the Queen (although we definitely do not want to be labelled as sexist!). Your website is your ultimate conversion portal, if it isn’t “mickey mouse”, then your content marketing efforts could, quite simply, fall flat.  

Use digital marketing as a tool to communicate to your customers. Vary between traditional media and digital to keep your consumers interested and if you take one point away from this article, let it be this; Quality digital marketing is fundamental to the long term success of your business. Prioritise it accordingly.