Easter has become one of the most profitable holidays in all of Australia. Did you know that in 2013, Australians spent more than $157 million on chocolates alone? Imagine how much that spending has increased since then! If you want to get your profits hopping, it’s time to start using Easter to do just that.

Here are some egg-cellently unique and fun ways to be inspired by Easter and get your customers taking those chocolates from the palm of your hand:

Easter Events

Since Easter comes at a time when the weather is favorable and families are together, why not host a special event within the community? One of the quickest and most reliable forms of marketing is when you can be face-to-face with the people you target. Send email and direct mail invitations to your customer base asking them to join you for an Easter egg hunt or other special family-friendly fun. You might have photographs with your employees wearing bunny ears, hold an arts and crafts fair, or have a bake sale for families to fill baskets with.

Here are some ideas to spur some creativity:

  • Easter egg hunts – hide eggs at the local park or at your business; some eggs should contain discounts to products to your store
  • Easter Trivia night – host a trivia night where people can answer quiz questions for chance to win a prize
  • Bunny trail – partner up with other local businesses to host a bunny trail, where people can go from one event to the next, like an Easter block party
  • Easter costume contest – invite people to dress up as Easter bunnies, Peeps, and other Easter-themed characters and give the winner discounts to your store alongside an Easter basket of goodies
  • Easter raffle – have people buy tickets to enter a drawing for a special Easter prize
  • Easter social media campaign – Create a contest that will give you access to user generated content, too, such as your physical products surrounded by Easter themes.

Win-Win Competitions

Hide Easter eggs around your website that give a random prize when found. You can also do this on physical flyers or cards. Attach a QR code for people to scan and have that code generate a random bonus. Some prizes can be of greater value than others. This will make people excitable and more likely to visit your site, share the news with friends and family, and will lead to a greater increase in revenue.

Special Easter Promotions

Just like every other holiday that can generate an additional income, Easter can be a time for special offers and promotions. You can hold a dedicated Easter offer that is limited to the Easter weekend or come as an “Easter basket” in the email of your most loyal customers.

Doing this promotional offer will do two things for your website:

  • Bring an increase in traffic – the event should be shareable, so others can talk about what you are offering; you can also spread the word on social media and send emails to those people on your subscription list.
  • Give you a unique opportunity to up-sell something – use the Easter event to sell additional items that people might originally overlook. You can use Easter-related verbiage, such as “You don’t want to miss out on these egg-tremely awesome deals!”

Here are some ideas that you can strategically place along the purchase funnel:

  • Easter sales with a 10% discount off specific services or products
  • Easter egg hunt – a selection of deeply discounted or “cheep-cheep” items
  • Easter cards – send out physical cards with a special offer inside
  • Offer bundled deals to create an Easter basket
  • Easter freebies that come packed in with whatever the customer orders

Embrace The Easter Spirit

Even if you are a strictly online business, you can still show the Easter spirit through your website. Use thematic elements around your site that evoke the joys of springtime and rebirth. Your promotional campaigns can be especially effective when they can simultaneously highlight the special occasion, and you can use the mirth of the season to make people excited about what you offer. Change some of the colours of your site to reflect Easter, add little bunnies and chicks to some imagery, and swap in some cute vocabulary.

You can add a play on words to products and discounts, like “egg-stra” coupons or “egg-citing” offers. You can offer free Easter-themed décor, like service magnets with your business phone number, if that’s applicable.

Remember, creativity and authenticity will go a long way.

As with every marketing campaign that you do throughout the year, you should maximize your chance of success by embracing multiple methods. Don’t just hold an event, fuse multiple avenues of opportunity together. The key point is to be as excited to offer the events, promotions, and other Easter-themed elements as people should be to be a part of the events. Make sure your authenticity shines thought.