Preparing and implementing a strong marketing strategy is an ongoing challenge for all businesses – regardless of size. You should know all fast-changing trends and how to use marketing tools, understand the evolving behavior of your customers and always choose the appropriate communication channels for staying in contact with your clients. A lot of business owners become frustrated by the huge amount of data, tasks and information.  How to deal with all this marketing stuff? How to simplify this process? How to make your work less of a headache and more effective? The answer is – automating your marketing. Let’s explore marketing automation and why it matters to your business.

Why is marketing automation important to your business?

Automating your marketing is the concept of using special tools and software to automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks. Everyday actions like sending emails, posting on social media pages, some website updates can be easily simplified by implementing marketing automation tools. Your marketing department is supposed to work as a well-organized workflow without chaotic and useless moves. However, what do we see in real life? An endless amount of tasks, rush and lack of time, intuitive marketing decisions instead of quantity analysis. Marketing automation solves these problems and leverages up your business in a long-term period . It will generate a new level of revenue by organizing your work with potential and active customers more effectively. Marketing automation shows excellent return on investment if it is organized in the right way. First, you need to make a strategy, then create a list of leads, and only after that can you look towards automating your marketing channels. The main benefit for the business is that marketing automation helps to convert potential customers into real clients by constant communication and potentially instant (or at least very timely) replies on their actions.

What tools and applications can you use to automate your marketing?

Marketing automation is used mostly in email marketing. For instance, ActiveCampaign (which we use) is a tool that is used to automatically send emails to your customers. This tool allows you to segment potential clients, create personalized messages, track conversions, try A/B testing. Constant Contact is also used as an email sender, but it has other useful features like event managing and auto-responding. For retargeting and re-engagement of customers via Social media platforms, you can use AdRoll. Another worthy tool is Marketo that is used for engaging customers through different channels. It promises to convert loyal customers into advocates. Also, it offers analytics and reporting that will help you later in decision-making. Everything about phone-marketing you can find in Dialog Tech: call-tracking, surveys, connecting calls to digital Ads and other features for voice-interaction marketing. All those platforms share the same purpose – to find a shorter and easier path to your customers.

Remember, even though automation marketing cannot do all the work for you, it can still simplify all your tasks. Think how much time you safe, if you stop sending out every email by hand. With automation marketing you can schedule the certain time for your email send out, create a list of customers and target personalized content automatically. If you have been searching for a good marketing solution for a long time, you may be sure that you found it now. It is time to make your life easier and forget of a monotonous marketing routine!