seo-contentSearch engines are becoming ever more sophisticated. The modern SEO content marketing strategy looks very different from your simple SEO strategies of only a decade ago.  Today, search engines, like Google, have made content king in an effort to provide the most detailed and relevant information possible.

Keywords are no longer the only focus of SEO, but they are still an important element in any online marketing campaign and a vital part of SEO.

Content and keywords are no longer separate issues

Updates like Google’s Hummingbird have blended them together. Quality content is essential, but it should be content that contains the right keywords in the logical proportions that one would expect in content written primarily for the purpose of conveying information. Ultimately, Google (and their counterparts such as Bing), need to satisfy their customer needs, just as much as any other business in operation. And their customers want relevant and quality information.

Content is king

What matters now is that keywords are no longer the primary reason to provide content. Search engines are leaning in the direction of providing information, even though keywords are still the input that begins the search procedure. So, any content marketing strategy must contain the use of well researched keywords. The difference now is that those keywords must rationally reflect the intent of the content. And keywords in different areas, such as the URL, internal links and title should also directly reflect the content.

Black hat vs white hat

The recent emphasis on content has also minimised the importance of inbound links in the minds of many people. This is partly due to the black hat link building strategies of the past that have given links a bad reputation. Even so, quality backlinks will still raise the credibility of your site in the eyes of search engines. So, backlinking continues to be a valuable SEO method. The difference today is that white hat techniques which rely on organic and reciprocal linking and periodic link audits, to weed out low quality incoming links, have now come to dominate.

Social Media drives engagement

We must not forget Social Sharing and mobile friendliness as important elements of a comprehensive marketing strategy. On page buttons for social sharing and a website that is friendly to mobile devices means that content gets read and shared more often.
So we see that SEO and quality content are reciprocal, each reinforcing the other and forming two important branches of a successful Modern SEO content marketing strategy.