Content Marketing

Designed to attract, convert, close and delight

Content Marketing is the best way to reach and influence future customers

Content marketing can start with regular blog content and extend through to a complete inbound content marketing strategy incorporating social media, marketing automation, and more. Content is the foundation of inbound marketing designed to attract and engage your audience.

We understand that this can be an intimidating task, but we are here to help you.

Content writing doesn’t just start “off the cuff”. It has to start with clear direction, understanding your audience, your business and what your readers want to hear, it is also about search engine optimisation and the inclusion of keywords. After all, what is the point of putting content your website if no-one is going to view, read or engage with it?

We specialise in unearthing your potential, discovering what it is your readers want to hear, and delivering on those needs.

Content is the Heart of Inbound Marketing

Content marketing is engineered to engage and educate leads throughout the entire decision making process by building a relationship with the visitor and developing a level of trust and authority.

Developing and distributing consistent, quality content can increase your lead generation potential as well as increase your search footprint.

Quality content should be promoted across multiple channels including leveraging your social media audience, engaging with website visitors, and also used within your email workflow to keep leads engaged.

We use a tried and trusted process when developing and implementing a client’s content marketing strategy:

1. Research

 Current data

2. Keyword Strategy

 Search volume

3. Content Plan

 Identify relevant topics
 When and where to reach your audience

4. Develop & Implement

 Graphic design

5. Measure & Report


Professional Australian Content Writers

We have dedicated content writers who are incredible at writing blogs, eBooks, white papers and more to suit a variety of industries. In fact, here is a sample of just a few topics that our our team has written about:

  • Land contamination
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Baby bibs
  • Print and IT management
  • User testing
  • Finance and accounting
  • Employee engagement
  • Digital marketing

With a combined total of over 50 years experience, and the support of Promark’s Marketing Managers, our content writers will nail the brief every time.

Search Engine Optimisation & Content Writing

Every new blog post is an opportunity to improve your organic search ranking – no only for your blog post, but also for your core web pages. It also provides the opportunity for internal links throughout your site to encourage visitors to spend more time on your site – another metric used by Google.

Good quality content does not involve keyword stuffing. Content needs to be genuinely useful to your target audience. In addition, Google’s algorithm looks at much more than just keyword density, such as readability, content length and semantic indexing.

Australians Perform 90% of their Web Searches on Google

Increase your search engine footprint and lead generation potential

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Content Marketing: more than just great content

Content marketing is far more than just an article or informative videos. Additional forms of content include:

eBooks, guides and whitepapers
Blogs and articles

Beyond the content itself, content marketing includes leading and nurturing visitors through a series of content and advertising messages until they are ready to act. During this time, the aim is to develop a level of trust and authority with the visitor so that they are confident in liaising with you and providing you with their information and/or money.

Marketing tactics to nurture this relationship include:

Marketing automation
Internal linking
Social Media Marketing
Opt-in Messages / Pop Up Messages

Attract and engage with your target audience with professional content marketing

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