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eCommerce Website Development

Boost online sales with a customer and sales-focused eCommerce website

Customer and Sales focused eCommerce websites

Having a user-friendly, engaging and professional eCommerce website that is easy to transact with can make a massive difference to how customers feel about your business. Your eCommerce website needs to meet both customer expectations, deliver exceptional user experience, drive online sales plus –

  • Market your business, products and services,
  • Connect with social media,
  • Perform well in search engines,
  • Work across all devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets,
  • Is easy to update and maintain yourself,
  • Integrates with your internal systems such as CRMs, email marketing, etc
  • Seamlessly integrate with your chosen online payment gates such as Stripe, PayPal, merchant banking, etc
  • Option to act as a complete business solution with inventory control, invoicing, packing slips, customer notifications and more

It’s important to set up your eCommerce website to not only deliver an effective marketing message, but also attract new customers and prompt them to buy from you by delivering the information they need quickly and easily.

Do you want to boost your online sales?

Essential elements of a great eCommerce website

It goes without saying that your website should have a highly visual user interface, feature easy navigation and including compelling calls to action, but there are several other things you also need to consider –


eCommerce websites should not only look great, but also be functional and easy to navigate. Making information accessible as quickly and easily for your customers is paramount, including the all important “add to cart” and checkout function. It’s critical to keep “above the fold” content clean, concise and relevant, with easy navigation to other areas of your site.


A typical eCommerce website includes the obvious product catalogue, cart, checkout and payment functionality – but it’s important to clearly understand the functions required by your business. Freight calculators, packing slips, invoicing, CRM integration, inventory control, abandoned cart automation are some of the additional functions often required.

Ownership and Maintenance

Does your business want to have complete control and ownership of your eCommerce website after it is developed? Website and product maintenance is critical to keep your visitors engaged, boost search engine rankings, and keep your site secure. There are many eCommerce platforms available from the likes of Shopify and BigCommerce (which you never truly own) through to WooCommerce and Magento (scalable, flexible and ability to self-maintain) or even custom coded eCommerce sites.

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