Marketing Consulting

working with you to help your business grow

Marketing Consulting

We understand that each client’s budget, timeline and needs are unique.

Your Business is unique and so is its position in the marketplace. Our services are tailored to suit you and the needs of your business and range from complete development of a customised marketing strategy, to a one-off marketing execution. Whatever your needs, ProMark is here to support your business and get the job done on time and on budget.

Not only do we offer complete outsourced marketing department solutions, but we also offer marketing consulting on an hourly basis. Our marketing mentors will work with you to help provide you with the tools and resources to support and coach you, whilst you develop your own marketing strategy and marketing plan.

We can also provide ongoing consultation and support to help you implement, manage and measure your activities.

Our Marketing Consultants are Certified Practicing Marketers with the Australian Marketing Institute, as well as fellows of the Australian Institute of Management.

Casual Marketing Consulting

$135 per hour

Casual Marketing Consulting

Work with us on a casual basis to manage and execute your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Mentor

from $199 per month

Marketing Mentor

Helpful guidance each month with marketing consultation and unlimited email support.

Marketing Team

from $1,495 per month

Marketing Team

Your outsourced marketing department, with activity tailored to suit your business.

Marketing Strategy

We will work with you to understand your business, objectives and opportunities for a successful Marketing Strategy to help you achieve your goals.

A successful Marketing Strategy begins with a clear understanding of your customers, determining what and how they want to hear about your product, and developing a strategy that will provide each segment of your customer base with clear lines of communication that fulfill those needs.

From corporate branding to communication diversification and implementation, customer segmentation to digital conversations, ProMark can help your business.

Digital Marketing

The online arena is one of the most vulnerable and riskiest communication channels for businesses, but can also offer some of the greatest returns.

ProMark’s digital marketing services includes complete digital marketing strategy development, email marketing campaigns, influencer blogging, search engine marketing and search engine optimisation, content marketing, and social media marketing, online advertising (pay per click, pay per impression) and more.

Marketing Communications

Every marketer aspires to act as the voice of the customer. This is underpinned by a clear understanding of your customer, their needs, and tailoring your communication to suit not only the customer, but the channel or medium you are using to talk with them. This also needs to align clearly with your overarching business strategy and sales objectives.

The communication channels available to marketers are extensive and continuously expanding.

To maximise effectiveness. it is critical that not only the correct channel is chosen to suit your customer, but also the language, graphics and tone used in each is appropriate to suit them.