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Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Outsourcing marketing is becoming increasingly common as the number of marketing specialisations continues to grow, particularly with the expansion of digital technology. Hiring an expert in each field – copywriting, web designers, online advertisers, etc – can be cost prohibitive, especially for small businesses who are just starting out.

We believe in being a true partner in your success, helping your business grow to the next level. Outsourced marketing services by Promark offer you resources when you need it – either ongoing or on a casual basis. Our consultants are Certified Practicing Marketers by the Australian Institute of Marketing, and our team are experts in their areas of specialisation.

Why Outsource your Marketing?

Many businesses find it more affordable and efficient to outsource their marketing department. Our team of experienced Marketers ensure that you get high quality marketing efforts, at an affordable rate.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing your marketing department include:

  • Allows you to focus on your core competency: running your business and developing products/services
  • Tap into marketing expertise across multiple marketing channels without the hefty overheads and stay within your budget
  • At much less than the cost of one full-time executive, you get an entire team of marketers
  • Retain access to all your data and learnings
  • No hidden fees
  • You save time – time to find someone, or trying to learn the marketing field yourself
  • Your team will benefit from our marketing team’s experience with the many marketing channels and opportunities available.

We recommend you take a look at this article by Forbes about the benefits of outsourcing marketing, and also our blog on the benefits of outsourcing marketing.

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Outsourced Marketing Solutions

For optimal success we offer outsourced marketing retainers, a flat monthly rate that covers all of your marketing needs including the important establishment of a successful marketing strategy.

Outsourced marketing solutions can include any of the following:

Website Design
Website Maintenance
Content Development
Website Copywriting
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing
Google AdWords
Digital Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Event Marketing
Direct Mail
Marketing automation
Press releases

Online PR
Corporate communications
Database building
Infographic development
Corporate stationery
Brand development
Logo design
CRM and database management

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