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Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of social to reach prospects and customers

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Lead Generation through Social Media

Is your business part of the discussion?

Not only are Australian’s on social networking sites a lot, purchases were made by 52% of people who researched businesses and/or products on social media.

It is clear that the demand exists in Australia for us to leverage social media for our business, the question we are often asked is – which social media sites should my business be on? Plus, one of the most common concerns we have is the amount of time it takes to stay active on social media. Well, this is where we can help!

Did you know?
35% of Australia’s population use social networking sites 5 or more times each day!

Social Media Management

Understanding the value of social is no easy task, which often makes it hard to understand how much to invest, how much time should be spent, and even whether to advertise on social media or not.

We believe that to get true value for your effort and spend is by focusing on your core social networks. Don’t tackle all social networks just because they exist, but rather choose the networks that are right for your business.

While some businesses are now using social media to grow profits, others are struggling to navigate the jungle and are making mistakes along the way – costing them time and money. We are here to help.

From a basic support level to assist companies that want to manage their own social media but may need some guidance, to a full monitoring and engagement package providing our online marketing expertise to your business, Promark has a package to suit you needs. We can also tailor a package to suit your individual business needs.

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Ready to leverage the power of social?


Social Network Statistics


Did you know there are 1.4 billion daily active users on Facebook? That’s daily! Before putting momentous effort into your Facebook social content, it is critical to leverage the branding power of your Facebook page – your profile and cover photos, your business profile including business hours and products/services, and the like. This is your opportunity to present a short and sweet introduction to your business. Having your call to action set is also very important – “Learn More”, “Call Now”,etc buttons can be set in primary position on your Facebook page and can lead to conversions – all traceable via Google Analytics. Posts to Facebook should be real, relevant, engaging and posted at times relevant to your audience. Supporting your social conversation with paid promotion can also be beneficial.


Some consider YouTube to be the dark horse of social networking sites, and has just recently taken the gallop to full speed. YouTube has 1.57 billion monthly users and in Australia YouTube is on par with Facebook with the monthly active users each month both sitting at 15 million. Additionally, the users who are on YouTube are incredibly engaged with an average viewing session sitting at 40 minutes which incredibly is up 50% year on year. To further boggle your mind, there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Unlike other social networking sites, users can “switch off” ads appearing whilst browsing YouTube by upgrading to what is known as YouTube Red. This makes video marketing all the more important so that you can achieve native display of your videos.


Competition within Twitter has become fierce as Twitter grew – more brands came onboard and the Twitter feed fills up so fast it is almost beyond belief. So, does Twitter still work for small business? The audience is large, and it is harder to get seen, but as the audience grows, so to does the opportunity. Direct conversations rather than broadcast messaging can help bolster engagement, so too can ensuring you are sharing content that your followers are going to consistently engage with. Similar to Facebook, Twitter uses an algorithm that attempts to present Tweets that users are most likely to care about first within their feed. Plus, Twitter users love video. A whopping 82% of Twitter users watch video on the app.

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