There are many strategies a real estate agent can use to gain more listings. No one appreciates cold-calling anymore, not if you want to get an earful or get sued, but thanks to social media, real estate agents can get their name out, find clients, and secure more listings. Today, at least 94% of home buyers use online searches, including social media platforms when looking to purchase a home. Below are some useful social media strategies for real estate agents to employ to build your audience. Consider the following ideas and strategies:

Look Credible

Social Media strategies for Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent who wants to make an impact on social media must establish a credible online presence. Building a solid reputation breeds trust, and also assures millions of home buyers that you are professional and a good fit for them. Making your social media profile detailed enough to show off your personality and accomplishments will help with this. In order to build credibility, a more effective approach would be to showcase your accomplishments by providing links to work samples.

Be Engaging

Having a credible-looking page is a great start. However you also must go a step further by following and interacting with potential clients on social media. This can be what separates you from other real estate agents. Using social media to boost your online reputation is a powerful marketing strategy. While you may not have the whole day to engage with potential homebuyers, your comments or replies should still be engaging. They should show your personality and delight your followers. Asking questions can tell a potential client that you are keen, you can also use images when you need to point out something or make your explanation clearer.

Enable Written Reviews and Services

Studies show that about 68% of customers will go straight to a social media profile to read reviews so as to see what other people are saying about you. Therefore, providing genuine information about what you are all about to potential homebuyers can make all the difference. By doing so creates a sign of trust and authenticity even if the reviews, testimonials or case studies are not so good. Customer retention is important on social media, and potential clients need to know that they can reach you through various mediums. Most importantly, ensure that the customer service experience goes beyond just a phone call or through emails. The idea is to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of social media by being dedicated to solving your customers’ challenges.

Help Your Customers Do Your Bidding

Creating a Facebook Group for your business is a great way to build a highly targeted audience of potential homebuyers who are interested in your services. Not only does a Facebook Group provide a more personal engagement, but the right discussion, likes or comment can take off and drive focused attention to a call-to-action.

Start Building Followers

You ideally want to have more than one social media platform. That way you can easily build followers by integrating them all with a clear call-to-action with a goal of leveraging those in your ‘followers’ network. Participating in similar social groups and communities as often as you can is also an excellent way to spread the word and consequently, grab the interest of targeted prospects.

360-degree Videos or Photos

Technology has truly revolutionized the real estate market. Often as a real estate agent, you are running around spreading yourself thin trying to make meetings with potential homebuyers. Thanks to technology, you can make a 360-degree video of a home that is up for sale and post it on your page. This enables interested buyers the ability to see the entire house and decide whether they like it enough to make an offer. This not only saves you time and money, but it also gives you the opportunity to go through all the comments posted on your page to interact with a potential buyer. 360-degree videos or photos are not only cost-effective, but they are also user-friendly, meaning they can also be viewed on mobile as well as tablet devices.