It is not a secret that content marketing is the surest way of getting more leads and sales today. This is why as a business brand, you have to do whatever it takes to establish a strong online presence. And as such, content has become the king. Without quality content on your blog or website, you stand little chance to compete against your rivals.

But who said that creating and posting more content on your website will automatically translate into more search traffic and thus sales? Well, the truth is totally different. While being consistent in your content creation puts you in a better position for you to rank, there is more that you need to do if you want more traffic. As a matter of fact, writing in-depth content that has been well-researched is just one among the many things you need to do for your web pages to be found on the first page of Google’s SERP.

The number of blogs on the internet today is at an all-time high, with stats indicating there are over 440 million blogs, up from 173 million in 2011. But it is possible that the actual number can be much higher, particularly given that other platforms like Tumblr and Medium were excluded from the stats. This high number of blogs means that it is quite hard for anyone to drive awareness and get meaningful search traffic on his/her site.

You must also consider how your content will stand out and therefore be deemed important enough to spend the time reading it. With the many blogs found on the internet today, the future of content marketing is no longer clear. It is possible that you have the best and most informative article, but then fail to rank. At the same time, one with an article that isn’t as good as yours might be the one on the first page. So what exactly is the future of content marketing?

Content Marketing

What has changed in the world of content marketing?

A few years ago, content marketing was the surest way for high sales and significant leads. This isn’t the case anymore. And the only logical reason for this is the high number of blogs, which simply translates to high competition.

It is hard for anyone to claim to produce anything new these days. Anything you want to write about has at least one other person who has already written about it. Worse still, your topic might have been discussed already by tons of people by the time you think of it. It is practically impossible for anyone to have a keyword with no competition. A perfect example is Ubersuggest, which has around 619,718,788 keywords being tracked across the world. But out, a very small percentage can afford 10,000 searches per month. This shows you how content marketing has changed.

Many SEO gurus, including Neil Patel and others, are now suggesting that you go for long-tail keywords. With these, they claim that it is possible for you to get considerable search traffic. But even then, these long-tail keywords are getting competitive as time goes.

How can one use content marketing profitably?

Unlike long ago when the search engine was a totally new phenomenon, today everyone knows what it means to rank on SERP. This means that you need real content, one that is worth reading. If you are planning to make lots of sales through inbound marketing, then you have to offer what others are not offering; quality blogs.

As a blogger, you need to write something that is new for you to get readers. And whatever you write needs to be interesting and informative. This is the only way you can be sure of people sharing it on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.

So what do you need to do to keep up with the future of content marketing?

Well, there are many things that people need to do in order to remain relevant in the content marketing field. As we’ve already mentioned, the best and most cost-effective way of marketing is through inbound marketing, and how you do this determines your success.

So for you to get any meaningful search results, here are some things you need to do:

Be more creative with formats

Content Marketing

Traditionally, content marketing has been more of blogging, e-books, and other written stuff. Well, you might still get tons of subscribers via these strategies. But for you to keep up with the evolution of content marketing, you need to do a little bit more. You need to create a brand and be more creative with your content’s format. Don’t just dwell so much on written content. Instead, have more visual content such as images as search engines love them. Going into the future, blogs with more images will rank higher than those will blocks of written content with no images.

Design niche-specific messages

Gone are the days when general messages attracted search traffic. Today and going into the future, one has to come up with messages and content that is targeting a specific niche. If your content is about advertising on a particular platform, then the best thing is to state which platform you are discussing. This way, you can be sure i f getting relevant and quality traffic which you can easily convert.

More videos

A blog post which has written content alone is pretty boring, right? For you to win search engines, you should always strive to make your posts interesting and worth reading. The future of content marketing shall be more of videos and images, with less written content. This means that you need to learn how to get the most relevant video and how to embed it into your content.

Improved engagement

We all work hard to get the kind of traffic we are getting today. But do we do the same to retain this traffic? Well, in the future each blogger shall be forced to devise methods of creating more engagements in order to retain the current readers.

In conclusion, content marketing is fast evolving, and anyone who wants to ignore it will be left behind. We are not disputing the fact that content is king, and it will always remain king, but one must find other ways to enhance his or her content. Note that everyone is writing content, and thus how to beat the competition will require the application of other methods.