Building a landing page is not to be confused with building a home page. Most businesses are aware that landing pages are an important piece of inbound marketing and conversion rate optimisation, but there is more to landing pages than that. Understanding how your landing page can become a lead magnet is essential to leading more people along the purchase funnel towards conversions.

What Is a Landing Page?

Ever heard the phrase, “make the best first impression?” Well, that is the landing page—the potential buyer’s first impression of your business and brand. In the inbound marketing world, a landing page is a distinct piece of content on your website that is built solely for the purpose of leading conversions with a call to action.

Landing pages typically have:

  • Headlines that sum up the offer
  • Readable content that provides some kind of value
  • Keywords for inbound marketing and SEO. You want the content on a landing page to be completely optimised, including page titles, appropriate headers, alt-tags, meta-tags, and other descriptors.
  • Social media buttons and links so that visitors can easily share the landing page with others
  • Little to no navigation to decrease the bounce rate. Keep navigation bars minimized and limit the distractions that may lead potential customers away from the landing page.
  • Images that are relevant and striking
  • Conversion forms or lead-captures that allow visitors to submit their information in exchange for whatever content you had offered them
  • A “thank you” page that customers are sent to after they have successfully entered their information in exchange for their prize.

A high conversion landing page will target a single demographic, such as traffic coming from a specific campaign, or visitors who have used a PPC advertising route to receive your ebook. Landing pages can be built to allow visitors to download content and special offers, redeem offers like free trials or demo videos, and so on. Ideally, you use a lead magnet—an incentive like the above listed offers or content—to bring the people you want to acquire to a landing page by offering something with value.

How Do Landing Pages Work With Conversion Rate Optimisation?

There are a number of reasons why landing pages are crucial to creating conversions and re-conversions. In order to learn how to use landing pages effectively, let’s have a look at the ways they can be used:

1. Lead Generation

Landing pages can dramatically improve your lead generation, because landing pages are targeted. Sending traffic to these pages provides people with exactly what they want to see, creating a hassle-free channel that can be used to bridge the gap between visitor and customer.

Another reason landing pages work better with lead generation is because they are devoid of distractions, such as site maps, navigational options, links, and search bars. Landing pages are concise. Since many consumers of indecisive and busy, having a clearly defined action and only a yes or no option, you want this kind of environment. Visitors can thus focus on the action you want them to complete: converting.

Here are some ways you can use a landing page to generate leads:

  • Offer free demos
  • Provide more in-depth information about a specific service or product
  • Offer exclusive memberships or discounts
  • Email sign-ups
  • Free infographics
  • Free templates
  • Free media downloads
  • Access to free webinars
  • Ebook giveaways
  • and so on.

2. Lead Magnets

If you are not selling anything on your website directly, landing pages provide a place for your marketing offers to reside. Lead magnets like ebooks, demos, free trails, coupons, and other content that traffic can increase shouldn’t be available directly on your main website. Without being gated, lead magnet material does nothing for your efforts. In short, landing pages make it possible to have people pay for free offers with their information, which you can then use to send emails, newsletters, and more.


3. Engagement

Landing pages do more than generate leads, they can help you quantify re-conversions. With these numbers, you will understand who is more engaged with your business. Landing pages are, undoubtedly, one of the best ways to collect information on the behaviours and activities of those who regularly visit your site. This will serve your sales and marketing teams well.

4. Collecting Demographic Information

Again, without a landing page, you are going to have to do a lot more work to garner intelligence on visitors. Without a lead magnet to generate interest, you lose a chance to collect information like names and email addresses. Every time someone completes a conversion form, your sales and marketing teams get that valuable intelligence and can use it to figure out which customer personas are visiting the site. From there, the marketing and sales teams are able to fashion a much more targeted campaign to persuade these demographics to choose your service or product.

5. Fuel For Content

Landing pages provide offshoots for other marketing strategies, such as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing receives much of its power from quality content. Another reason landing pages are essential to conversion rate optimisation is by aiding in the development of content. Since landing pages can be made shareable on social media, collect information on leads, focus emails and newsletter subscriptions, and be linked to PPC ads, landing pages become fuel for content. In fact, if you think of landing pages as unique pieces of content that provide snapshots of what you can offer, you will be able to generate a plethora of landing pages for almost every single persona your service caters to.

If you are concerned with ranking high in the search engine results pages, staying engaged with leads, and generating even more interest than you are currently receiving, you need to start using landing pages. These functional pages offer an efficient means for collecting priceless data on consumers who are interested in your products and brand. Remember the above mentioned tips and start constructing your landing pages today. You’re guaranteed to see a difference.